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  • The Most Dangerous Writing App – Got writer’s block? Try this.
  • Frankenplace is an interactive thematic map search engine that uses geographic context as a means to discover, organize, and interactively visualize the documents related to a search query
  • Histography – every dot on this interactive timeline is an event recorded in wikipedia
  • Great GBL research guide:
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  • Conferences:
  • GBL-friendly places to publish:
    • Elsevier Entertainment Computing-
    • Kill Screen
    • IEEE Transactions on Games
    • Digital Play for Global Citizens
    • The Computer Games Journal
    • Leonardo (electronic art, but can include games)
    • Media-N (CAA New Media Caucus)
    • Interactive Entertainment Law Review
    • The Journal of Games Criticism
    • Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology
    • Critical Studies in Media Communication
    • First Monday
    • New Media and Society
    • Rhizome
    • Television and New Media
    • The Velvet Light Trap
    • Transformative Works and Cultures
    • Analog Game Studies
    • First Personal Scholar
    • Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds
    • Journal of Virtual Worlds Research
    • Well Played
    • Simulation and Gaming
    • Loading…
    • EludamosNew Media and Society
    • Analog Game Studies
    • G|A|M|E
    • ToDiGRA
    • Games & Culture
    • International Journal of Gaming and Computer Mediated Simulations
    • Game Studies
    • Games for Health Journal…
    • Convergence