Pedagogy and Geospatial Tools

There are many, many different instructional approaches a teacher can utilize. Let’s explore a few together:

  • Split into 4 different groups:
    1. Inquiry Learning
    2. Project Based Learning
    3. Direct Instruction
    4. Game-based Learning
  • Using your dry-erase desk, brainstorm with your group to address the following prompts:
    1. Define the learning approach below and describe how it is enacted
    2. Think of examples of how geospatial tools might be used with this learning approach
  • Report your group’s work here.

There are also many different approaches toward instructional design that makes the best use of new technologies such as geospatial tools. Our next class guest, Dr. Vallera, will work with us to better understand a particularly effective methodology: Design Thinking.

Our 2nd classroom guest today, Dr. Hammond, will share an example of a full enacted curriculum that deeply integrates geospatial tools: Building 21, in Allentown, PA. Here is a video about the project as well.