Teaching and Learning with Geospatial Tools (2020 – Summer)

Catalog description: Exploration of geospatial tools, including but not limited to global positioning systems (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), and related visualization tools (e.g., Google Earth). Application of these tools and techniques to instructional settings, including appropriate pedagogy and assessment.

Course format:

  • This class is a short-form course, meeting both synchronously and asynchronously online for 8 days over a 9-day stretch.
  • All graded assignments must be submitted via Course Site
  • All synchronous sessions will use this Zoom link. The password is our class password and is available on Course Site and was emailed to all registered students.

  • Course Timeline

    Students will work through the module content each day asynchronously and meet at least once daily synchronously as a class.

    NOTE: This schedule WILL change as we progress through the course. Students are responsible for checking this page often to stay up-to-date.

  • Day 1 – Monday – 7/6

    Topics: Intros, Geocaching, GPS, Geography Basics, Significance of Geospatial Tools, Google Earth

    Module Link

  • Day 2 – Tuesday – 7/7

    Topics: Google Earth, The Googleverse, Map Projections

    Guest Speaker: Dr. Hammond & GIS for History @9am

    Module Link

    Due Today by 6pm: Assignment #1 – Google Earth Part A – Submit via Course Site

  • Day 3 – Wednesday – 7/8

    Topics: ArcGIS Part 1, GIS in the Community, GIS in the Classroom, ArcGIS Part 2

    Guest Speaker: Jeremy Mack, GIS & Environmental Science expert @9am

    Module Link – 9am required sync session; 1:15pm optional community lab time

  • Day 4 – Thursday – 7/9

    Topics: ArcGIS Story Maps, Local Inquiry & Data Collection, Spatial Thinking, Map Design, Maps as Advocacy

    Guest Speaker: Guest Speaker #3 – Dr. Christopher Brockman & Story Maps @10am

    Module Link

    Due Today by 2pm – Assignment #1 – Google Earth – Part B – Submit via Course Site

  • Day 5 – Friday – 7/10

    No Class – Catch up day

    Dr. Oltman will only be available via email this day. Please allow some time for her to respond.

  • Day 6 – Saturday – 7/11

    Topics: Other GIS Tools, Pedagogy & GST, Geospatial Games

    Guest Speaker: Dr. Vallera & Design Thinking @9am

    Module Link

    Due Today by 2pm – Assignment #2 – ArcGIS Part A – Submit via Course Site

  • Day 7 – Sunday – 7/12

    Topics: Innovation/Diffusion, Computational Thinking

    Guest Speaker: Dr. Hammond & Computational Thinking with GSTs @9am

    Module Link

  • Day 8 – Monday – 7/13

    Topics: Course Reflection


    Student Presentations

    Due Today by 2pm – Assignment #2 – ArcGIS Part B – Submit via Course Site

  • Day 9 – Tuesday – 7/14

    Student Presentations

    Final Exit Survey

  • Final Project

    Due 7/15 by 11:59pmsubmit via Course Site

  • 2020 ESRI User Conference


    Conference Schedule

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