Trees, cars, & carbon: Local inquiry about global issues

An illustration of value-added from geospatial tools

Originally created by Dr. Thomas Hammond, Lehigh University


  • Some tape measures, paper, GPS units (or mobile phone), clipboards
  • A set of slides for illustrating the main concept: pptpdf
  • Handouts
  • Web links for the activity
    • Let’s first identify your tree.
    • After you ID the tree, we’ll need to…
      • Identify its tree categorization (e.g., a hard hardwood or a soft hardwood).
      • Use my handy web calculator to get the tree’s height, its weight, its dry weight, and the amount of carbon stored.
  • Debrief
    • How was this inquiry?
    • What kind of scaffolding was in place? How can it be improved?
    • What are the instructional follow-ups?