TLT 368 Course Map

Key Links:

NOTE: This is a dynamic page and it WILL be updated regularly as our class progresses to reflect our enacted curriculum. So, please check it regularly for changes.

Unless otherwise noted, assignments are due on the day in which they’re listed.

1 – WednesdayIntroductions
Geography Basics

Syllabus – Course Overview
Significance of Geospatial Tools
Intro Google Earth
Exit Survey
2 – ThursdayGoogle Earth Part II
Exit Survey – Day 2
Google Earth – Part A
Due @ 6pm
3 – FridayIntro to ArcGIS Online 
Bigger World of GIS
Example: Trees, Cars, Carbon
4 – SaturdaySpatial Thinking Overview
Map Design
ArcGIS Continued
Google Earth – Part B
Due @ 2pm
5 – MondayPedagogy & GST
Design Thinking
Example: Bldg 21
Computational Thinking
ArcGIS – Part A
Due @ 2pm
6 – TuesdayGeospatial Games
Augmented Reality
7 – WednesdayInnovation, diffusion, & GST
Final Presentations
ArcGIS – Part B
Due @ 2pm
Presentation – if you
8 – ThursdayFinal PresentationsPresentation – if you
FridayNo ClassFinal Project Due
Due @ 11:59pm